Group ZOOM Classes

To help ice skaters stay motivated and return to the ice stronger!

NEW Classes added for 2021:

Weekly schedule for 2021 during lockdown:


  • Skater strength @ 5pm
  • Off Ice Jumps @ 6pm


  • Knee Bend and Extension @ 7pm


  • Off Ice Spinner class @ 6pm
  • Skater Strength @ 7pm


  • Inclusive Skating off ice @ 6pm


  • Jump height and rotation @ 10am
  • Flexiblity @ 11am

Can’t make it?

Class Recordings Available

Classes for: Axel for those NEW to Axel / Axel workshop / Flexibility / Knee Bend and Extension / Jump height and rotation / Off Ice Jumps / Spinners / Skater fitness / Low level off ice / Flexibility + More!

Please consult your primary coach before booking any classes.
Thursdays @ 6pm
Inclusive skating class

This is a friendly group lesson for Skaters regsitered on the inclusive skating platform for skaters with additional needs. If you’re registered – it’s free! Sign up to attend this class on the website:


We also offer skaters:

A Personal 4 week plan for off ice training from Make sure you have filled in the survey here before ordering: 
Purchase a recording from a live ZOOM lesson. Use the drop-down menu below to choose which lesson you'd like to order. Your link will be sent as soon as possible after...
30 mins lesson 1-2-1 via zoom