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3rd Person Ice Dances from iSkateCoach

Welcome to the 3rd Person pattern dance course for levels 1-5 of the UK ice dance test system (As of January 2024).

So many dance videos exist on places such as YouTube but are almost always filmed from the barrier – This can create problems such as subjects being too far away, camera angles blocking steps, poor music quality and generally making the learning process much harder than it needs to be!

I felt it was a needed thing to have these dances – in 3rd person, with all the tips and references you need with high-quality audio and visuals!

Why 3rd Person?

As a coach we teach the dances like this – so it makes sense and is easier to see and feel the dances when viewed from this point of view.

Feel free to use these videos as a way to learn from scratch, jog your memory or aid in all the different areas of each dance. Should you forget anything these videos will always be here to help!

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Find out more below:

What's included?

Over 200 dance resources – Videos / Audio / Printable Patterns

  1. Steps
  2. Timing
  3. Edges
  4. Reminders
  5. Coaches Tips
  6. Pattern Follow Along
  7. Audio for all above
  8. Printable patterns for small and big rinks in shortcode and english
  9. All updates throughout the year
  10. Download or stream everything

Dances included:

  1. Preliminary Foxtrot
  2. Rhythm Blues
  3. Dutch Waltz
  4. Canasta Tango
  5. Golden Skaters Waltz
  6. Riverside Rhumba
  7. Swing Dance
  8. Fiesta Tango
  9. Willow Waltz
  10. 14 Step

Dance Topics:

  • Introduction
    • A summary of the dance itself and may include some guidance to how it is skated, and the history of where it originated
  • Steps
    • An audio and visual guide, in 3rd person, to assist you when learning the actual skating steps for the chosen dance.
  • Edges
    • An audio and visual guide, in 3rd person, to assist you when learning the edges for each step of the chosen dance.
  • Timing
    • An audio and visual guide, in 3rd person, to assist you when learning the timing for each step of the chosen dance.
  • Pattern
    • A visual guide, in 3rd person, to assist you when learning the pattern for the chosen dance. The Pattern is shown in the upper left-hand corner of the video. The ‘blue dot’ represents the skater and where they are currently on the ice and in the pattern. On these pages, the pattern itself can be downloaded and printed for reference.
  • Reminder Cues
    • This is an audible guide with the 3rd person dancer. It is designed to give you the steps that are coming up, slightly ahead of when they happen to allow you time to prepare to do them. As the dance sequences go on, the cue becomes less regular. The goal is to remove them slowly until you remember the dance on your own. Much like a coach would give a skater minimal help on the ice when learning new steps.
  • Coaches Tips
    • Short and quick coaches tips. This was included as an extra and may differ from what your coach advises as coaching these dances can be somewhat opinionated. Always follow the advice of your own coach. If you don’t have one – These are here to offer some help.
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