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Off Ice Jump Class for ALL Single Jumps

This online class covers all the single jumps from 3 jump to Axel IN DETAIL, it also includes a jump specific warmup and Jump height rotation warmup to increase jump height and get your body prepared for jumping! Find out more click here:

Singles to Double Jumps Off Ice Course

This course covers more advanced drills to increase jump height, increase rotation, tighten air positions, stabilise landings and the concept of rotating to the next set of jumps – Singles to Doubles!


Learn steps, timing, edges, coaches tips, patterns and more with this complete pattern dance course for 10 complete dances – never forget an ice dance again.


Off Ice Jumps:

Singles to Doubles:

Ice Dance Course

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"You are fab! I follow you everyday and tag our skaters in thing and got hem all to follow you! No wonder your skaters are amazing, you are a fab role model and look like great fun! You have kept us all going through lockdown and really inspired us to keep pushing through, even when times were really tough. Thank you!"
Solway Skating Club