Free tools and resources to help you on your skating journey!

FREE PDF! – Returning to the ice WORKSHEET

Feeling nervous about getting back on the ice? USe this worksheet to calm nerves, plan ahead, set goals and feel great about getting back to the ice!

FREE PDF! - Ice Skater Goals Planner

Get your next skating goals laid out by using this free tool. Break your goals into workable steps and get prompts for how to get them done!

FREE PDF! - Off Ice Plan

Plan your week to make progress in ALL the area's a figure skater should be covering in off ice training. Organise and make habits to get them done, choose the activites and block time your week, review and progress!

FREE PDF! – Competition Planner

Focus on your skate by being super prepared. Geek out and keep all the important details in one place – start times, how many in your section, and your goals can be recorded on this tool!

FREE PDF! – Competition Checklist

Never forget anything important and make sure you’re prepared for your next skating competition!

FREE PDF! – How to control your nerves!

A complete before, during and after guide to controlling your nerves. Based around emotional intelligence for awareness of your emotions under pressure and loads of tips how to help!

FREE PDF! – Draw your routine!

A blank ice rink template for you to use to draw your routines! It comes with a list where you can easily record your elements in order and note the time for each one for your content sheet!


FREE PDF! – Upgrade your Skating Style!

 A reminder PDF of the 3 main principles from the YouTube video – Maximum Posture, Deepest Kneebend, Longest Extension and the 5 basic positions to work to upgrade your skating style!

More coming soon!

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