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Which team(s) are you in?

Team members clearly understand their roles

Captains, Selected team members, alternates, mentors, triallers

Working in our team inspires people to be their best

From your point of view and from others you see

We have the skills we need to do the programs

Season just finished - not the new program yet

We apreciate each others capabilities

We understand a skater who can perform something we cannot might take our place and vice versa

We are good listeners

Communication in our team is open and honest

Team members can solve issues themselves without having to involve leaders

Giving and receiving feedback in training without having to ask coaches / captains

Team problems are solved quickly

People are proud to be part of our team

Members of our team trust each other

Our team goals are well defined

I know what our next goal is

We set and meet challenging goals

Training time is effective

Mistakes are viewed as an opportunity to learn

Our results are consistent

I am hopeful for the future of our team

Attendance at practice is good

Next season I would like to focus on

Select the rating for the teams your currently skate in

1=Fairness / 2=More fair but still some strength considered / 3=mixture of fairness and strongest / More strength considered with some element of fairness / 5= Strongest team

We currently work this hard as a team

1 = Not hard at all / 10 = We can't work harder

I feel like I personally work this hard for the team

I'd like us to work this hard...

1 = Not hard at all / 10 = We can't work harder

Our training time on ice is

Our training time off ice is

How can you help the team?

The challenege of Synchro is...

How fun is synchro?

Any other comments, feedback, suggestions, compliments...