Zoom Class Recordings

There’s a wealth of full length classes you can use at home to follow along with and make the gains you need in your own time! If you can’t or couldn’t make the LIVE class you can still attend with one of the recordings! A full description of the calsses available is below…

Add the Class Recording product below to your basket, select the class you’d like and checkout! It’s that simple. I’ll e-mail you with a link for the class!

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Classes available:

Flexibility class

This class is an all round stretch and strengthening class for common skating positions. Focussed on the legs, hips and core. Increasing flexibility and strength to hold positions. Full warmup and cool down included.

Jumps class

This class covers the main jumps in ice skating (singles and doubles). Warmup with rotation and jump height drills and then go through each jump with guidance

Height and rotation class

This class will give you exercises to increase your height and rotation from the use of the major jumping muscles: Your quads and hamstrings are your primary thrusters. But if you want to jump higher, it’s equally important to awaken and strengthen assisting muscles—your calves, the muscles around your hips, and your glutes. Then a look at creating a tighter rotational position and the twitch muscles to get a quicker snap.

Knee bend and extension class

In this class, you’ll learn the correct posture and alignment to get your maximum bend. I’ll show you stretches for your legs and ankles to develop more flex and also strengthening exercises to help you hold the lower positions. After this, we look at the main positions in skating and the body lines with a play to music and movement through them all.

Low level off ice class

In this class, as beginner skaters we’re looking at basic exercises you can do to strengthen your body for more advanced skating moves as well as a look at technique for the learn to skate classic moves like crossovers, three turns, mohawks, edges and more!

Strength and power class

In this class, you’ll be doing a plyometric and high intensity power and strength workout specifically for ice skaters to build power for jumps, endurance in programs and strength in your legs and core. Join this to get higher jumps, faster skating and longer lasting stamina!

Please consult your primary coach before booking any classes.