Comfort Zones & Risk


Is made faster out of your comfort zone. People who are willing to make mistakes at the cost of looking silly, having a stumble, a fall or even an injury can be the ones who progress faster. Skating is sometimes per sieved to be a very dangerous sport and it can be! However in a controlled environment, pushing yourself to the limit is the difference between 1st and 2nd place, between progressing at a usual rate or a seemingly faster rate to the majority.

In speed, in jumps, in spins, in edges, and in practice. Feeling your heart beat from adrenaline or just from hard work is the buzz i will never forget in skating. That buzz is often the excitement of progress – “Did i just do that?”. It’s the feeling of achieving something you never have after trying so hard – and what a feeling!!

It’s easy to say be brave, but sometimes too much blocks us from going out of our comfort zones. The trick is to focus on the goal – how much do you want this? The mistakes you make will give you feedback you can progress with faster.

So go and make some mistakes – what’s the point in trying if your not trying your best?!?

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