Growth Mindset

Practice makes perfect – you knew that right?

The difference between those who seem to find it easy and those who feel they are working hard and not getting very far very fast is your mindset.

A fixed mindset often comes from a negative attitude – “that was not good enough”

A GROWTH mindset comes from a positive attitude – “that was a tiny bit better than last time!”

In skating, the learning curve is so steep. For many, as you get higher in the levels, things take longer to grasp. Tests take longer to pass and competitions are tougher to win.

In a few minutes of trying something your brain is trying new connections, when something works those connections stick, your brain gets stronger with those connections and eventually they become “muscle memory” (2nd nature / you don’t need to concentrate so much).

Think of  baby learning to walk… He has no idea about practice or the concept of it, all he wants to do is walk! (He has a GOAL) Try and try again, fall after fall eventually he makes it – how long did it take? as long as he needed it to, the day he decided he WANTED to walk. We are born with no walking or skating abilities – they are learned! And it’s only dedicated practice with a positive mind that will secure your success and achievement – whatever your age!

I don’t believe for one second anyone is “past it” or “plateaued”. Everyone has different levels they can reach, some higher than others, the point is IMPROVEMENT no matter how small can be made with the right mindset – How strong your mind is and how much belief your coach has will determine your level.

So what are you waiting for?

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