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singles to doubles

Welcome to our off-ice skating class: “Singles to Doubles”!
Here we focus on turning single jumps into double jumps. This class is designed for skaters who have a solid foundation in basic jumping techniques and are looking to take their skills to the next level.
Our experienced instructors will guide you through exercises and drills that will help you develop the strength, power, and control necessary to successfully execute double jumps. With dedication and practice, you’ll be impressing everyone on the ice with your double jumps in no time.
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Whats in the course?

  • Intro + How to use this course
  • Jump specific warmup
  • Landing stability exercises
  • Increased jump height exercises
  • Shaping drills for accurate use of the body
  • Air position drills to help you pull in tighter and faster
  • Rotation torque drills to generate more energy for rotation
  • The concept of turning singles to doubles
  • The process for each jump
  • Double Toe Loop
  • Double Salchow
  • Double Loop
  • Double Flip
  • Double Lutz
  • Double Axel
  • What to do next
14 Video sections filmed in a follow along style, allows time for practice and examples for each exercise along with the thoery behind each one. LIFETIME ACCESS means you can take your time with these drills and learn at your own pace.

The course is available as a native app on your smart phone and can also be downloaded to any device.

Add to basket £30

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Disclaimer: Ice skating and off ice training is a dangerous sport. You must make sure you apply these techniques and exercises within the limits of your current ability and progress to avoid injury. Warmups and advice for building up these progressions should be adheared to with common sense. iSkateCoach and the course creator will not be liable for any injury, damage to property or self as a result of using this course and following these classes. Take care and have fun.