Why ice skating is the BEST sport in the world…

OK maybe I’m biased but out of the thousands of sports in the world, there is only one I can think of where the “playing field” can be simultaneously enjoyed by any age, any ability and anyone! For many reasons ice skating is one of the most diverse past times out there!

A first timer aged 3 takes to the ice along side retired adult skaters, wheelchair users and a local school of teenagers. Some of them are there to improve their skills, some are there to be social, some are there for the sensory experience… all of them are there for fun!

For certain; ice skating creates a “bug” for new skaters that’s hard to shake. And through anyone’s skating journey, one profound lesson is learnt for life – if you fall down, you get back up and try again.

There’s no better feeling than building “grit” to persevere in any situation, on or off the ice and skating does that without you asking it to.

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