1-2-1 Lessons

Whether you're a child a teenager or an adult there are multiple benefits to private 1-2-1 tuition in ice skating.

You can do it for just for fun and fitness or even competitively to achieve national and international titles.

Paul has a wealth of experience and recognises that skaters progress at different rates and have different goals. His passion is to help you achieve those goals.

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From the coaches code of conduct:

"Positive early experiences can ensure each person has an opportunity to reach their desired level of achievement and experience an effective transition to the competitive and recreational structures of sport"

"Respect and champion the rights of every individual to participate in sport"

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Corporate Team Days

Paul finds ice skating can be a different and very special way to bring people together. The 'ice is broken' right from the start as people loose inhibitions as they step on to the ice. After a lesson for everyone in the team, Paul can build confidence and moral support within the team.


The corporate day is in 3 parts and can be tailored to your needs after an initial briefing with exclusive use of the ice rink.

Part 1: Lesson

An hours lesson for all will cover all the basics and skills needed to build confidence and light hearted competition amoungst your team. This is sometimes done as a mass or in smaller groups depending on ability and size. Any ability is considered!

Part 2: Team activites

An hour for team building. Working in pairs, groups, and as a whole your team can experience fun games and activities on the ice to encourage working together. It takes a lot of trust to support and be supported on the ice and bonds will quickly form for the finale of the team activities as a small synchronised skating routine!

Part 3: The show

"Dancing on Ice" style competition for individuals, teams or as a whole including a judges panel for selected judges with score cards and a prize for the winners! There's costumes to make the performance even better from funny fancy dress to serious "blades of glory" outfits!

There's plenty of exercises and even demonstrations. Make a day on the isle of wight!

Food can be arranged from the rink or local seafront hotels and restaurants. The corporate day can be a morning, afternoon or split to suit.

Example price for 16 people 3 hours on ice activity 1/2 day £750.

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Childrens Parties

Paul is a part time children's entertainer and works well with children from 6 years to 10 years for a great time ice skating!

Includes a group lesson for all children giving 1-2-1 attention to each child!

Fun games and prizes included!

Bubbles and loads of fun thrown in!


The package is £8 each for 6 skaters (min) or 12 skaters (max) for a 45min lesson on ice

Skate hire and food can be arranged as an addition to your party

Group Lessons

Groups of up to 6 skaters can benefit in with a great value and sociable group lesson


£5 per person for 1/2 Hour

£10 per person for 1 Hour

Groups can be mixed age but usually work better with similar interest or ability. Talk to Paul to discuss your requirements!

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