1-2-1 Lessons

Whether you’re a child a teenager or an adult there are multiple benefits to private 1-2-1 tuition in ice skating.

You can do it for just for fun and fitness or even competitively to achieve national and international titles.

Paul has a wealth of experience and recognises that skaters progress at different rates and have different goals. His passion is to help you achieve those goals.

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From the coaches code of conduct:

“Positive early experiences can ensure each person has an opportunity to reach their desired level of achievement and experience an effective transition to the competitive and recreational structures of sport”

“Respect and champion the rights of every individual to participate in sport”

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Jump Help

Common error’s in jumps and ways to fix them…

I’m exploring the MOST common errors in all the jumps in skating. See if you can relate and use these resources to help you!

  • Help with height
  • Help with Salchow, Toe Loop, Loop, Flip, Lutz and Axel

Jump Height - Use the "Follow Through" Technique:

Would you like higher jumps? Better GOE scores on your jumps?

Play around with this idea:
Follow Through… just like a golfer keeps the golf club moving or a tennis player with a tennis racket, you should do the same with your free leg and arms!

If you don’t follow through you will have a stiff, small jump. If you do you will gain flow, height and general “wow”ness that will move judges fingers to the right towards the +goe buttons 😉

Try it on a three jump first then apply the same theory to all your jumps!

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hey guys it’s paul from iSkateCoach.Today I want to talk about something i
call “follow through” and it’s loosely based on the same theory that a golfer uses when he will keep the swing moving after he’s hit the ball.
Can you imagine what would happen to the ball if he stopped the golf club at the ball and didn’t carry on following through?
You can see here on these two examples. With not following through and stopping the arms and the legs results in a very small jump.So the aim here is to increase that follow throughand see if we can carry on the swing action of the free leg and the arms and that should all mean that you get a bigger jump and hopefully a bigger GOE.
So remember follow through after you’ve left the ice i’m using a wall saw a three jump to show you this and it’s not a bad place to start before you try on your other jumps.
Thanks for watching guys I hope it helped don’t forget to check me out on youtube as well 🙂

Axel Swapping Drill

Working on axel??

There’s many ways to get this feeling of swapping sides, here’s one to try 😃

This one really helps as it forces you to make the rotation using internal hip rotation to swap instead of swing, and be strong after the swap to keep the position.

It’s harder than it looks! Give it a try! (Even if you’ve got your axel! This will challenge the strength of your axis position after the swap)

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Hey guys Paul here from iSkateCoach. Here’s a jump drill for your axle to help you get the feeling of swapping sides this is good to strengthen your swap or teach it to you if you’ve never tried it before. I call it the straight line three jump.
Using a hockey line you’re going to go from a forward “h” position to your backward landing position the straight line will force you to do the correct internal hip rotation
now keep your shoulders on the same line and try and take off and land on the straight line and then you can try crossing your leg on the landing just like your in air position. Once you’ve got the hang of it on a straight line you can try and get the
correct feeling on a circle and for you skaters that jump the other way yes here it is from right to left…
Have a go guys it’s not as easy as it looks and make sure you check out my
youtube as well

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Off Ice BASICS – 1 Straight Jump

Off Ice BASICS Series – The straight jump

The Art of jumping straight up – Accuracy is key here land at the same angle, position and location as your take off. Use the coordination of all your limbs to get “easy height”.