Off Ice Jump Class


How to do all the single jumps off ice including a jump specific warmup and jump height and rotation exercises!

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How to do ice skating jumps - Off Ice!

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How to do ice skating jumps – Off Ice!

Imagine an off ice class to really break down and teach each all the single recognised ice skating jumps correctly. Imagine how much faster you’ll improve, learning correct movements while building confidence practising in your own time at home!

The opportunity for anyone to learn ice skating jumps off ice is a reality and it will be so good to have all this knowledge at your fingertips! Skating is such a joy and has many areas we can enjoy. Off ice jumping is great for all free skaters, whether you’re just starting jumps or trying to master your Axel this class is for you!

  • 1 hour 20 mins of tuition
  • Learn specifically how to do each jump step by step
  • From 3 jump / waltz jump to single Axel

Here’s what’s included in the jump class:

  • Warmup

A complete full-body warmup, specific for off ice jumps. It includes movement of the joints, targeted mucscle activation, dynamic stretches and specific take off exercises to prep for an explosive jump!
  • Jump height and rotation warmup

My top exercises for takeoffs, air positions and landings. From singles to triples these drills work to increase height and rotation.
  • 3 Jump / Waltz jump / Toe Loop / Salchow / Loop / Flip / Lutz / Axel (Separate sections)

What they are
How they’re done off ice to feel like the on ice jump
How to increase height
Various entries to try
How to progress these further!
  • Coaches Tips

My favourite tips and ways to do these off ice from years of experience

Have you ever had any of these challenges when doing jumps on or off the ice? Or if you’ve never done off ice jumps here’s some of the problems people come across:
  • Getting the jumps to feel the same as on the ice
  • Knowing where to put arms, shoulders and free leg. And how to use them effectively
  • Not having good landings, air positions or take off’s
  • Needing more height
  • Needing more rotation
  • Searching the internet for off ice jumps to find a mish-mash of techniques and teachings
  • Spending money on ice time, just to go over what you’ve already been over – that’s not moving you forwards
  • Searching YouTube for off ice jumps and having long intros to scroll past, bad-quality audio or video or just not enough information
  • Wanting to know the finer details of each jump off ice and perfect them
  • Spent longer than you wanted to go over any of these??
Me too!
As a singles skater myself I struggled with all of these! As a coach, I hear these problems come up daily! I’m constantly teaching the same things over zoom and in person, so why not put it in one easy class for everyone to follow?
Here I show my best warmup drills for good takeoffs and landings and break down each jump so they can practice correctly.
Here are a few things you might be worried about:
Will you actually use it?
The class is hosted online on my website in your member’s area. You can access it from a smartphone anywhere in the world, and also on your TV via youtube! The class is a follow-along structure so you can get warmed up and go through this as many times as you like for one fee, it’s yours to keep! On the video page, you can download it and use the time stamps to jump to the jump you need!
Working with a coach in person is better for me…
I 100% agree, when learning these jumps, ideally you need a coach in person. However, this is a resource of all the details that make these jumps work off ice. The time-consuming, money-spending, sometimes frustrating part of learning these jumps, is made easy. This class will be equally as helpful to assist your learning with a coach, and also on your own if you don’t have one.
I’m no good with technology!
Whether you use your phone, tablet, TV or computer, this class is easy to follow, access and use. One link and the video streams!
I dare you to try this to see if it’s possible!
I dare you to learn and improve yours by watching this and learning a little more about jumping off ice.
Sound good? Please share!
If this sounds like something your coach or fellow skaters would like to know about, please share it with people you think it would benefit. I’m giving away a ton of value this week with the launch of this class and would love to help more people save time and money with this resource.
Thank you so much for your interest. Bend your knees and push forward to your next achievement on the ice!


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