Holidays aren’t a bad idea ?☀️

Muscle memory is a funny thing. We don’t have a conscious control over it other than learning that: Practice makes progress.

Sometimes in the journey to master a move we make mistakes and our brains can get a little confused in that moment of which “feeling” is right or wrong for that move. However, subconsciously our brain does know, and that’s why sometimes realising when it’s not going well is a good time to have a break. A moment, an hour, a day or a few weeks can make a difference!

My coach would quite often say “I think we had better leave that for now and come back to it” or occasionally ask me to have a couple of weeks off from attempting it.

I remember a holiday once where in the weeks before, I was in a bit of a rut with landing some jumps. 2 weeks after my holiday loe and behold they were back as strong as they had been and I’d had 2 weeks on holiday!!

Trust your subconscious mind and your muscle memory. Quite often less is more when you’ve lost a feeling you’ve had before. So go an have some time off and enjoy your holidays 🙂 You’ll bring back a fresh mind for the ice and a “clean” muscle memory for your most newest or most difficult moves 🙂